About Us

Living Abundantly Adventist Church is a vibrant community of faith that believes in a promotes the “life to the full” as promised by Jesus in John 10:10. We meet each Saturday morning at 9:00am at 11 Murray Dwyer Circuit, Mayfield West NSW 2304 (The Grainery Church complex). We would love to see you there. Connect with us on Facebook.

Our Mission

Living Abundantly Adventist Church (LAAC) is about connecting people with the Source of Abundant Life, Jesus Christ (John 10:10). The LAAC sees biblical spirituality as the key element of our health and well-being. We teach and practice all aspects of health; physical, social, mental and spiritual, and we endeavour to be a healing environment in which God mends broken people. Our community of faith is open to all people of good will who desire to live life to the full.


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- Reframe Stress
- Reframe Loneliness
- Reframe Self-Worth
- Reframe Fear and Anxiety
- Reframe Financial Insecurity
- Reframe Commitment
- Reframe Meaning and Purpose
- Reframe Credibility
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Phone: 0412 851 310
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11 Murray Dwyer Circuit, Mayfield West, NSW 2304 (The Grainery Church complex)